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Sweet Détente® – the easing of tensions/relations between nations through dessert!

We create elegant, individually-sized, organic international desserts. Our ever-expanding, artisanal collection brings the people of the world together through one of their national treasures – their regional sweets. Our aim is to unite and there’s no better way than through dessert!

Sweet Détente® pleases the eyes and the palate with unique and hard-to-find sweets from around the globe. These are all original recipes created by Sweet Détente® using only the finest quality organic and natural ingredients. Each dessert is made in a smaller portion size so you can have your cake and eat it too… without the guilt.  

Current Menu Collection: Argentinean Alfajores, Australian Lamingtons, Chinese Mooncakes, English Bakewell Tarts, French Macaron, French Sable, Italian Panforte, Lebanese Ma’amoul, Russian Kartoshka

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